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Toolin' and Drinkin' from the Nerd Lab, 7/26/17-BB-8 Bifold Wallet

This week on Toolin' and Drinkin' I am working on a BB-8 tooled Bifold Wallet.  Who doesn't love BB-8?  This image shows his fun and sarcastic side when offers a "thumbs up" just after Rey and Finn steal the Falcon from Unkar. I am drinking a fresh of the line Tank 7 from Boulevard Brewing that I picked up when we visited the Brewery a few weeks ago.

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Toolin' and Drinkin' Video from the Nerd Lab, 7/19/17- Darth Vader Top Fold Wallet

This week I am working on a Darth Vader custom order tooled on a Top Fold Wallet.  A customer couldn't decide if he wanted Yoda or Darth Vader so Mike said he would make both and let him decide which one he wanted.  This is the wallet he chose to purchase. I am drinking Spirit Animal from Blue Owl Brewing.

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