About Us

Family. Isn't this the reason why all of us do what we do? Sure, we all need to 'bring home the bacon' in some fashion but down to the core of it, family is why we do what we do. It's why I do it.


Our story:  On a February 13th (2-13) over a decade ago my wife and I were faced with the most challenging life event we had ever experienced, the unexpected premature birth of our son. We ran into some unforeseen problems with the pregnancy and he was born at 26 weeks.  Since then we have struggled through some of the most heart wrenching moments. Although we have been through many surgeries, diagnoses and financial hardships, his pure love of life has kept us moving.  Because of his struggles and our need to be available for him, my wife and I have had to work in jobs that were outside of our comfort zones. One such job had me working for a leather goods distributer. Through this job, I learned valuable skills which lead me to eventually work for a man with great faith that believed in my skills and allowed me to be the primary craftsman for his line of leather goods. With this knowledge, experience and the love of all things nerdy we started 2-13 Leather, LLC and later Nerd Culture Leather to make our lives better.  We hope that you enjoy our products and we look forward to sharing our journey.



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